Reforesting the city,
one vacant lot at a time

Together, we plant the future our cities deserve.

You can make a difference. Join our ever-expanding network of volunteers, partners, donors, and neighbours as we fight climate change and connect people to forests, the earth, and each other.
Cities Like Lisbon Aren’t Sustainable — And We’re Changing That
Europe’s growing cities contribute to ecosystem failure, deforestation, and mass habitat loss. Adding vital green spaces combats urban heat islands while better protecting human and animal life.
Green Space Does More Than Look Pretty
About 75% of Europeans live in cities — more than any other continent. Responsibly planted urban trees reduce land surface temperatures and support human and non-human life.
Not All Tree-Planting Programs are Created Equally
In battling climate change, it’s not enough to just plant trees — you must plant the right trees, in the correct way, and have a plan for their long-term survival. Discover how URBEM FastForests® are designed to thrive.

We Work Together to Create Change

Our mission is huge: Reforest Lisbon’s vacant areas one FastForest® at a time. We cannot succeed without your help. Just like a single leaf can’t sustain an entire tree, transforming Lisbon’s green spaces relies on our entire community — including you.

Now, We Need Your Help.

Creating a single FastForest requires roughly 1,200 volunteer hours. Hundreds of people from all over the world volunteer for individual work days, while others come back week after week.
A single FastForest® costs €4000 for land, plants, and supplies. We rely on community and corporate donations — from a few Euros to several thousand to ensure responsible planting of sustainable, native species in the city.
URBEM works with over two dozen government, corporate, and educational partners for corporate giving and skills donation. These wonderful collaborations are spread across Lisbon, the greater European Union, and the entire world.

Lisbon is Our City.
Here’s How We Make it Strong.

You have the power to fight climate change — right here on the banks of the River Tejo. With the power of our brilliant community, we make Lisbon greener, cleaner, and more resilient to climate change.

Here’s How You Can Get Involved:

creating biodiversity

Make a Donation

Help us purchase native plants, tools, and cover administrative costs.
connecting and nurturing communities

Volunteer to Help

Spend an afternoon getting your hands dirty in the beautiful outdoors.
sustainability education

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Make a difference with corporate giving and skills donation.

How FastForests® Create Cooler Cities

Fast Forests by Urbem logo

With buildings, cars, and concrete, cities are hot. These urban heat islands are more susceptible to climate change impacts, such as poorer human health outcomes, increased pollution, and collapsed ecosystems.

Adding green space helps alleviate these negative effects — but only when done right. Urbem uses intentional forest design methods and 100% native plants to ensure positive benefits for all Lisboetas.

Urbem's Champions

Our Partners & Sponsors

We are incredibly grateful for our caring sponsors and partners. Their monetary, tangible, and skills donations allow Urbem to keep fighting climate change and bring responsible, accountable change to Lisbon and beyond.
From small acorns, mighty oaks grow.
How it works

The URBEM FastForest® Method

Many people believe that simply planting more trees is the answer, but this is only half the story. The solution is not as simple, especially when done without care or attention to what is being planted and how it is maintained. This is where our FastForests® (inspired by the Miyawaki method) come in.

This kind of high-density planting captures larger amounts of carbon as well as helping prevent water run-off and providing a habitat for local fauna through its rich biodiversity.

Our Current Plots, Projects & Plans

Discover our ever-growing network of forest plots and works in progress. Each project is carefully planned, planted, and maintained for maximum growth and benefit.

Community Events, Engagement & Outreach

Plot 1, Bela Vista Park, Lisbon

Volunteer Work Days

Our all-volunteer team plants and maintains each forest. Why not join us for a day of satisfying exercise in nature?
About Volunteering

Dance & Music Performances

From music shows to cultural dances like Batuka, our plots are used to bring the community together.
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educational program for refugee kids

Events for Refugees

We invited dozens displaced Ukranian children and their mothers to enjoy a day in nature, learning about bugs, plants, and more.
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Yoga & Meditation

Volunteers and neighbours joined us for multiple outdoor meditation sessions.
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Art Workshops

Volunteers and neighbours joined us for multiple outdoor meditation sessions.
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Meet the Urbem Team

Urbem is a social collective made up entirely of volunteers. Our core team of volunteers help drive our passion to bring nature back into our cities.

Our volunteers are our biggest asset!

Making our world sustainable through engagement and education, with a passion to make a change.

Learn more about native species, improve leadership skills, and gain valuable experience. You too can become an Urbem Forest Guardian.


Partnering for Impact

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