Do you love nature?

Do you worry about the climate crisis?

Do you want to get involved with something that will make a difference?

  If so, join one of Lisbon’s most dynamic social collectives now to :
  • give something back to the city we love
  • safeguard the health of our communities
  • share knowledge and skills
  • meet people, share ideas, and learn about biodiversity
  • have fun, take part in social events, and build your experience with experienced professionals

Who we are 

Urbem is a social collective made up entirely of a diverse passionate and driven group of volunteers (currently 26 people and 16 nationalities) who are working together towards a common vision of reconnecting people to forests, the earth and each other. We already have an amazing opportunity to create a fast forest in Bela Vista Park in Lisbon, which will become a hub of sustainability education, art, and events such as theatre and concerts and social gatherings. Join us and become part of a fun and interesting group with similar values who frequently meet for social events. We are looking for people with many different kinds of skills who can commit to regularly helping us for at least three months. Why join us
  • Be part of the solution in a climate-focused, positive movement
We are not just procrastinating, we are doing something right now. Urbem’s Fast Forests are fully sustainable within 2-3 years of planting and have proven to sequester 265% more CO2 per acre than traditional forests.
  • Invest in the future of yourself and your community
As a resident of the city, your future is directly connected to the future of the city. Help us protect the city and take practical measures to cool the city and promote the health and wellbeing of its residents.
  • Learn from experienced professionals
All our department leads come with more than 15 years’ professional experience in their respective fields

Social media guide for volunteers

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